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Franchise in Croatia

There are very few franchise business in Croatia at the moment. And those that are present are not known to the public. Not in terms of being unknown as brands, but people not being aware that those businesses are run as franchises. Some of them have been on the market for a long time (American Express) and therefore they are part of our everyday life and we do not even know they are franchise business. Some came approximately 10 years ago (Mc Donald's) and some in the past year or two (City Express, Body Creator, Subway, etc.).

Some Croatian companies see a franchise business model as a way of expanding with reduced financial investment. We are witnesses of adds in the papers in which Croatian trade association offers a possibility of opening franchises with the purpose of expanding. One fast food chain from Zagreb is offering franchises to the people interested. The largest Croatian chocolate and cookie producer is using franchise business model as their distribution channel in the past few years. Domestic companies offering franchise are: Elektromaterijal, Kraš, Rubelj Grill, etc.

The franchise offers

Your Best Mortages
Your Best Mortgages (known as Tus Mejores Hipotecas in Spain) has created the First Virtual Franchise in Spain. Currently we are looking to expand our operations to other international markets. What makes this business so attractive? Franchisees have the options of buying into their own "Virtual Financial Office", as well as the traditional work place. "Your Best Mortgages" virtual office, the first in the financial franchise market, requires an investment from only 14,500 EUR. The second category which "Your Best Mortgages" offers is the franchise with an exclusive territory, which means an investment from 20,500 EUR.
More information at

Ticket Com
Ticket Com is French franchisor which started franchise system which uses new type of local companies advertising – on the back side of the receipt. Company exists for seven years and has its franchisors in France, Spain, Switzerland and Italy. The basic business is the advertising on the backside of receipt (in supermarkets or warehouses). The idea is that the franchisee gets an agreement with supermarkets that they will only use receipt rolls from Ticket Com (they won't have to pay anything for that) and in the following ad-agreements with the local business (shoe store, book store, etc.) or recreational establishments (e.g. Bowling center, swim arena, copy shop, theatre....). Company is currently looking for master franchisee in Croatia. More information are available at

Decopierre is a company specializing in interior and exterior wall decoration. The company started off in Montpellier, South of France, and is now present in Croatia along with most European countries and the US. Decopierre has developed a unique and exclusive product designed to obtain a interior and exterior wall coating resembling natural stone. The product is a valuable alternative to veneer cladding and standard plasters. It is also very much used as an interior design product to enhance and personalize the feel and look of your home decoration. (fireplaces, decorative wall, kitchens, etc...) As a result of this, DECOPIERRE has been able to make a name for itself in the field of innovative decoration. The company is building a network of resellers through the Croatia. For more information feel free to contact

The Quad Light is a Hungarian world novelty, a completely new, innovative conception, making its way to the European cities very soon. Your company can be among the first who use this special utility to advertise. The device is a roof developed especially for advertising purposes, built on a quad vehicle, carrying a lit Backlight ad board on its rear. Size of the advertisement board: 1000mm x 1500mm / 40inches x 60inches. All our Quad Light vehicles have third-party insurance, category certificates and all legal documents and permits allowing the use of public roads. The vehicles meet the requirements of the Highway Codes so they can go on the road, among traffic. Our developments, formal innovations and technical solutions enjoy the protection of the European Union. (45 different registration and industrial protection) More information at

Sr.Patata is the first Spanish chain of fast reastaurants specialized in french fries and roasts. The standard franchising offer gives the possibility of entering into business with great projection that require some low levels of investment, and that permits to obtain, at the same time, a high level of profit value. Sr.Patata offers to the potentials franchisees three concepts of franchise among the ones that to elect are: Sr.Patata TOP i Sr.Patata Express. The company facilitates its franchisees the necessary, through diverse courses, in matter of gestations of the establishment, reception of orders, form of the storage and control of stocks, techniques of cooking and presentation of the products and all that that necessary to negotiate of optimum form all the models of restoration that offers Sr.Patata. More information at

Meet Trimage, the world-leader in creating personalized 3D personalized sculptures. TRIMAGE proposes that you set up your own company with a low start-up investment. Each licensee is assigned a specific area, where he/she enjoys exclusive rights. TRIMAGE offers you initial training, either video-based or at our headquarters in Madrid.You will receive all the equipment needed to make personalised sculptures. Our system, which is highly reliable and does not require any special skills to operate, lets you make sculptures measuring up to 70 cm. You can also obtain additional equipment to make even larger sculptures (up to 2 metres). Franchisee will receive all the support you need to learn and implement the best sales and marketing techniques, with a view to helping you achieve the success that our network has been enjoying for so many years. In addition, you will receive significant commercial support and all the advertising material you need to assure a smooth start-up.Franchisee will receive technical assistance (guaranteed materials and equipment) and commercial assistance (innovation, preparation of communication campaigns, dissemination of photo supports) on a permanent basis. More information on

L'Echelle Europeenne is French franchisor who is as they say about themselves: "Specialts for heights." They offer different product which help in conquering the heights: ladders – fixed and moveable, staircases, forklifts and etc. Neccesary space for opening this franchise is around 300 sqm. Franchise fee is 39500 EUR which includes training, marketing expenses while starting, location equipping. You need to add around 20000 EUR to this amount for the first stock (with payment of 60/90 days after invoice date) and around 11000 EUR for working capital. More information on

Spanish franchisor was founded in 1962-ties and became the biggest Spanish exporters of children's clothing during 1980 and 1990-ties. The started with franchising in 1992. In order to start franchise with Caribu you need around 50 sqm of business space in trade zone in city with at least 40000 inhabitants. Necessary amount of investment is around 50000 EUR. Contract length is 5 years. More information on

French franchise system of shops in which everything for knitting and embroidery is sold. Phildar is first French franchise network and today has around 650 stores in France and Belgium from which 70 are own locations and 580 are franchises. Target market of Phildars store are ladies in their 40-ties and older. Phildar brand is connected with quality, creativity and femininity. Location for franchise store needs to be in trade zones of bigger cities. More information on

Befrit is Belgian fast-food franchise chain which is based on 175 years long business tradition. When entering new market they are aware of differences in eating habits of local people. They see a partner in franchisee which helps them in adapting their concept to the new markets. More information on

Originally Finnish idea about training grounds for safety in traffic for children between 6 and 14 years. Idea was started in 1989 in Germany and it spread itself in Austria, Slovenia, Cyprus, Greece, Russia, Finland, Portugal, Spain, France, Great Britain and Thailand. Necessary starting investments are from 28000 EUR which includes 5 cars for children, helmets, traffic lights, road signs, promotion material, 5 years license and help in running business. This concept characterized possibility to get profit through different activities: sales of tickets, sales of marketing space of cars and helmets, ice-cream and juice sales on training ground, birthday parties celebration, participation in different activities with other partners. Training ground can be fixed and moveable. More information on

Research has shown that 80% of children's capability of learning is developed by their 8 year. This franchise concept is based on creating encouraging and empowering atmosphere in which children learn how to think and how to connect term and how to communicate. There are different programs for the children from age of 6 months until 8 years. This is an American concept which has a great success in USA. More information on

RE/MAX (Real Estate Maximums)
Shortcut RE/MAX stands for "Real Estate Maximums" i.e. "Maximum in sales of real estate"
Idea about franchising in real estate started in 1973 in Canada where was accepted and after that it was spread along USA and in 1994 started "avalanche" on real estate market in Europe rapidly conquering country by country – today only in Europe there is over 1000 offices licensed for doing business in RE/MAX real estate with over 6900 employed excellent agents, while in the world RE/MAX is present in 63 countries with over 116 600 representatives – franchisees.
One of the countries to which RE/MAX gave his trust is Croatia.
During 2004 in Zagreb RE/MAX office was opened and at this moment is spreading their business in Zagreb and along Adriatic coats which actualization is out of question in recent times. Our goal is to spread RE/MAX real estate sales representatives network in Croatia and accomplish excellent service quality of sales network which will at the same time guarantee product quality i.e. real estate on highest possible level without lapsing for Europe. With this on domestic, unstable market only the best will survive and therefore generate extra profits thanks to established system and promotion and sales organization which RE/MAX offers in his franchise.
For more information about this franchise please be so kind and contact Center for franchising in Osijek.

Barnie's Coffee&Tea Co
US company named "Barnie's Coffee&Tea Co" is interested in expanding their international franchise program to Croatia. They are looking for a potential Master - franchisee who would be interested in establishment of "Barnie's Coffee&Tea Co" retail stories throughout the region.This concept has a 25 year history of operations and represents one of the largest privately held specialty coffee retailers in the United States. Currently, they have Mater Franchisees in Kuwait, Ireland, India and Turkey. For obtaining more information, please contact The Franchising Center Osijek.

San Francisco Coffee House
San Francisco Coffee House is the the first american coffee house in Croatia. This  unique place where you can enjoy in the authentic ambiance of this american city in the first six months of it’s existance got excelent reviews and unusually large media attention. Elle Decor categorised it among 6 best decorated restorants-bars-coffe shops in the country and  24 hours in their Metro section „where to go on a date?” chosees San Francisco Coffee House. Covering the opening  Jutarnji List emphasises  17 kinds of coffees. The local media in Osijek, where the first coffee house was opened, proudly goes into detail describing rich choises of American Mocha and Latte coffees one can enjoy in this  style-unique environment with soft jazz music, foreign newspapers and magazines, free unlimited vireless internet access or in „coffe to go” cups take it with you to the office, school or when going for a walk. More information about this franchise opportunity you can get at The Franchise Center in Osijek.

Fragrance line Nicole
„Eurokotra d.o.o. „ company from Zagreb is the owner of fragrance line Nicole. When producing this wide palette of over 140 well known fragrances we use original french concentrates that are garantee of longevity and the quality of our fragrances. Wide variety, high quality and much lower price point than branded parfumes, are main selling points for this  line. Nicole fragrances are ecological, use natural colors, they are dermatologically tested and their quality has been recognised by the buyers all over Croatia and on more than 100 locations in Poland. The sucess and the fast development of this product line and the company itself can be confirmed with 10 new points of sale in just a one year:Rijeka, Zadar, Karlovac, Samobor, Zagreb, Osijek, Slavonski Brod, Vinkovci, Varaždin i Čakovec as well as continuous high interest for opening of new franchise locations even outside Croatia.

Body Creator
Body Creator is Croatian franchise chain of beauty centers for correction of female figure. It was establshed in 2001 and it offeres treatments of localized sliming using heat slim process that has been used abroad for last 30 years. In adition to company owned pilot unit there are 3 franchise center in Zagreb. The company is interested in further expansion within Croatia. The main conditions  for opening of this franchise unit are:  a space of  100 square meters, hiring minimum of 3 people and investment between €25 000 and €52 000 , depending on a franchise model.

Economic Vitez, Bosnia and  Hercegovina
Economic Vitez has been in business for 17 successful years in Bosnia and Herzegovina and with its 46 franchise locations represents the first and the largest franchise in that area. In their stores one can find electrical, pluming and building  supplies, metals, office equipment and supplies, tools, tiles, bathroom sets and kitchen cabinets  from own production program. They are interested in expanding to Croatian market.

Chocolate Graphics International
CGI, australian franchise, ownes international patent for computerised laser chocolate production method, with high quality chocolate illustrations. This production method alowes print  of any color, message or drawing on chocolate with high precision, and what's the best about it :  you can eat the whole thing. There are 3 possible franchise modells with investment ranging from €35 000 -195 000. They are interested in finding a franchise user for Croatia.

Prontowash is a creator and the promoter of the mobile car washing and is the leader in that market niche. It is a successful international company with a very unique business concept that is based on washing cars in parking lots of large shopping malls with the use of only 5 litres of water and special ecological detergents. This franchise model from Argentina, established in 2001 had an aggressive expansion into 15 countries because of its revolutionary idea, but also because of the lack of time of potential consumers. The investment is from € 10 000 to €20000, depending on a size of the franchise. The company, not the buyer of the franchise makes contracts with the parking lot owners.  They are interested in finding a franchise user for Croatia.

Dama toneri is looking for franchise users in Croatia
Dama toneri d.o.o. is a master franchise owner of the Italian REDAC point company focusing on cartridge restoring and refilling. They have been in  Croatia since 2004 and so far have successful franchise offices in Zagreb, Split and Osijek. The company is planning further expansion and is looking for franchise buyers for areas of Rijeka, Dubrovnik, Istra and Western Slavonia. More information about thisfranchise opportunity you can get at The Franchise Center in Osijek.

Biovega company was established in 1989 with the purpose to provide the best natural and eco food products and cosmetics in Croatia with the organic farming certificate, and also the literature of that lifestyle. With that purpose in mind in 1994 the first  bio&bio store was opened in Zagreb, Ilica 72. In 2003 Biovega started its expansion using a franchise model. That year a first franchise store was opened in Zagreb city centre, Jurišićeva 28, and then the store in Split in the department store Prime 3 where operates as the largest and the best supplied health food store in Croatia. They are interested in opening more franchise stores in other parts of Croatia.

Mihaela Center
Mihaela Center was established in 2001 in Split. The founder is Dr. Mingyong Wang, MD cardiosurgent and acupuncturist with years of hospital work experience. The purpose of this center is the spread of Chinese medicine in our areas in its purest form. Mihaela Center offers fast and accurate diagnostic (doctor’s exams and computerised diagnostic), as well as treatments (acupuncture, tuina ventuze), detoksination of the body and natural meal supplements (Tianshi), all in one place. The most common problems clients come to the center for are: spine problems, stress related problems, OBGYN, headaches, etc. all which are treated with excellent results. Center Mihaela so far only operates in Split with the large number of customer’s demands to get the same quality service in other cities in Croatia. The necessary qualification for the franchise buyer is to be MD or has some other health workers qualification.

Franchise chain of wending machines to sell candy, pistachios, peanuts, etc. One machine has a possibility of selling 4 kinds of products. It is suitable to be installed in bars, hair saloons, movie theatres, etc. To enter this franchise network one buyer needs to purchase 24 wending machines. More Information in The Franchise Center, Osijek.

Akena Hotels
It is a French two star hotel chain with locations all over France and Belgium. To the franchise buyers they bring central reservation system, staff training, hotel management know-how, developed brand that promises affordable price and suitable quality of accommodation and services. If you are interested to visit one of the franchise hotels from this network and talk to the franchise representatives your travel expenses will be co financed. They are interested in areas along the Croatian motorway. More Information in the Franchise Center, Osijek.

5a Sec
Contemporary business model in dry cleaning -world leader in this branch. Every 3 days they open a new franchise location in the world. In neighbouring Hungary they already have 13 locations. More Information in The Franchise Center, Osijek.

Spanish franchise cold drink wending machine chain for small and medium size companies. The installation of those machines is suitable for offices, hair saloons, travel agents, pedestrian zones, hostels, car dealerships, etc. To become a user of this franchise you need to buy 25 wending machines and find the locations for their installation. More Information in The Franchise Center, Osijek.

French fast food restaurant chain with a slogan “eat fast, eat well, eat healthy”. It operates on 10 locations in France and is looking at international expansion. Location of the restaurant has to be in the city centre, shopping center or business city. The size of the space: 150-200 square meters. This franchise has won Golden Globe 2004 award for profitability in business. More Information in The Franchise Center, Osijek.

San Marina
French franchise shoe store chain with the self service concept. The store size in the cities with population size 50 000 or over to be 120 square meters + the window display, and in the cities under 50 000 70 square meters + window display. Duration of the contract to be 5 years, with a possibility to extend. Franchise fee €10 000, store fitting according to San Marina concept 800 €/square meter.  More Information in The Franchise Center, Osijek.

Testa Rossa caffe-bar
Austrian franchise chain, part of Handelshaus Wedl-one of Austrian largest wholesalers for restaurant and catering needs with tradition of about 100 years. The main product and the franchise chain itself has an Italian espresso brand name: Testa Rossa caffe. The first Testa Rossa bar was opened in 1999 in Innsbruck and until the end of 2004 there were 50 new franchise locations in Austria and Germany. The investment ranges between 100 000 and 175 000 euros. More Information in The Franchise Center, Osijek.

Baby 1 one
German franchise chain with 40 locations is the largest specialised store chain of children’s products in Germany. Every year they open 5 new stores. More Information in The Franchise Center, Osijek.

Froehlich School of Music
Children Music school franchise - is considered among 10 best franchise businesses in Germany. In 1997 they got a German Franchise Prize. They have 538 franchises in Germany, 27 in Austria, 7 in Latvia and 1 in America. The school is for children 1, 5 and up. More Information in The Franchise Center, Osijek.

Town& Country Haus
Franchise specializing in building and advising in real estate. In 2003 they were The Franchise Of The Year in Germany, among 800 franchise companies. More Information in The Franchise Center, Osijek.

Uniglobe Travel
The largest franchise in the world in travel agent branch. It has over 900 locations in 20 countries. Established in 1979. It exists in Zagreb: .More Information in The Franchise Center, Osijek.

Cup&Cino Coffee House
Established in 1995. They started their work with the distribution of coffee machines and the coffee beans to hotels, restaurants, bars and canteen. In 1999 they opened their first coffee house and since then they have been developing successfully their franchise model. In the evening hours Cup & Chino becomes a cocktail House to increase the traffic that is usually reduced in the evening hours due to reduced consumption of coffee. More Information in The Franchise Center, Osijek.

Bagel Brothers
German franchise restaurant chain that serves sandwiches, coffee and juices. The desirable size of the restaurant 130-150 square meters. Customer profile 60-70% female age 20-40. In the process of buying a sandwich customer sees all the ingredients and chooses them in conversation with the staff. The sandwich making process is done in front of the customer. More Information in The Franchise Center, Osijek.

Spanish dry cleaning franchise chain. There are 3 investment levels depending on franchisees investment abilities and potential market. Established in 1993 but with 50 years of experience in this branch. So far they have 200 franchise locations in Spain, 25 in Portugal, 12 in China, 3 in Hungary. More Information in The Franchise Center, Osijek.





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