Franchise in Croatia

There are very few franchise business in Croatia at the moment. And those that are present are not known to the public. Not in terms of being unknown as brands, but people not being aware that those businesses are run as franchises. Some of them have been on the market for a long time (American Express) and therefore they are part of our everyday life and we do not even know they are franchise business. Some came approximately 10 years ago (Mc Donald’s) and some in the past year or two (City Express, Body Creator, Subway, etc.).

Some Croatian companies see a franchise business model as a way of expanding with reduced financial investment. We are witnesses of adds in the papers in which Croatian trade association offers a possibility of opening franchises with the purpose of expanding. One fast food chain from Zagreb is offering franchises to the people interested. The largest Croatian chocolate and cookie producer is using franchise business model as their distribution channel in the past few years. Domestic companies offering franchise are: Elektromaterijal, Kraš, Rubelj Grill, etc.

The franchise offers

Bagel Brothers

German franchise restaurant chain that serves sandwiches, coffee and juices. The desirable size of the restaurant 130-150 square meters. Customer profile 60-70% female age 20-40. In the process of buying a sandwich customer sees all the ingredients and chooses them in conversation with the staff. The sandwich making process is done in front of the […]

Your Best Mortages

Your Best Mortgages (known as Tus Mejores Hipotecas in Spain) has created the First Virtual Franchise in Spain. Currently we are looking to expand our operations to other international markets. What makes this business so attractive? Franchisees have the options of buying into their own “Virtual Financial Office”, as well as the traditional work place. […]