Who is the Franchise from A to Z seminar for? & how we do it?

Who is the „Franchise from A to Z“ seminar for?

“Franchise from A to Z” seminar offers quality help to individuals searching for help in starting up the franchise business, for example:

  • Students,
  • The business owners,
  • Individuals

who are looking into developing their businesses through franchise business model.  Due to the Center’s location being close to the Hungarian border, close to Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Serbia and Montenegro the center’s program is focused on entrepreneurs who live in the above-mentioned territory. The Franchise Center organizes seminars two times per year for all potential sellers and buyers of franchises.

How we do it

The “Franchise from A to Z” seminar offers a quality help to the entrepreneurs who are looking into expanding their business by creating a franchise business model as well as to the persons who are looking into entering the entrepreneurial world with the purchase of the franchise. The lecturers of the “Franchise from A to Z” seminar are the members of The Franchise Center together with the professors of the Faculty of Economics in Osijek, the advisors of the Center For Entrepreneurship Osijek, as well as individuals with comprehensive professional experience and knowledge of franchise business.

Each lecturer creates program using practical knowledge, experience, examples and scenarios from real life. The examples are current, relevant and closely connected to the subject the particular lecture is addressing. Both franchisors and franchisees participate as lecturers and/or presenters in the seminar program. Their presentations show their actual business experiences. The owners of the franchise, their employees, as well as potential franchise users all take advantage of the most recent franchise business information that are made available here: regarding franchise agreements, marketing, business planning, managing people resources and insurance.