The content of the seminar

The purpose of the „Franchise from A to Z“ seminar is to create a dynamic forum though the interaction between the lecturers of The Franchise Center and the entrepreneurs attending the seminar in order to discuss myths and facts of the franchise business as well as gain skills and determination necessary to run this kind of business. This strategic alliance and synergy has a large value for people attending as well as giving credibility to the practical value of this program.

The seminar consist of eight segments each one created with the purpose to give participants opportunity for gaining skills necessary to become a successful franchisor or a franchisee, and also be able to answer the following questions:

Is this for you? How to become a franchisee? Why are some franchise businesses successful and the others are not?

MODUL 1 – The introduction to the franchise business
MODUL 2 – The correct start: The importance of the business plan
MODUL 3 – Management, training, communication
MODUL 4 – Managing financial and other types of risk
MODUL 5 – Legal framework of franchise business in Croatia
MODUL 6 – Your brand is your future
MODUL 7 – Choosing a location and negotiating a rent/lease contract
MODUL 8 – The current reality and the future perspective of the franchise business in Croatia