Surf ‘n’ Fries

Surf ‘n’ Fries is currently the fastest growing franchise chain “pommes frites” bars in Croatia. This chain, specializing in potato products, is looking for partners in major cities, and seasonal positions. Surf ‘n’ Fries was founded on the idea that during the 70’s and 80’s it existed in Rijeka for 20 years and has become a traditional place of consumption “pommes frites”. The concept was innovated by the experience of the entire team of experts, taking into account global trends in consumption of fast food and local specificities of the market. The uniqueness of the offer represents a “pommes frites” served in a patented package with a specially produced spices and sauces that are served additionally. This franchise offers full support for franchisees – from planning, procurement of equipment, connections with distributors, training staff and further the successful running of the business. Success in business is achieved with the help of top quality products and very good branding that the story seems very interesting to potential buyers. Surf ‘n’ Fries is a franchise offers a very affordable investment. More information about this franchise is available at